About us

Are you looking for moving and storage services in Ottawa? Long Distance Moving Company Ottawa is a place where your search ends. We have both long-term as well as short-term storage facilities conveniently in the Ottawa area. We have a container storage facility as well as a crating facility for longer periods of storage. Also, we offer a storage facility for fragile items also. When you plan to move nationwide, you need to store your extra belongings somewhere safe. We have been providing those services for decades. Our clients never get dissatisfied with our services. Choose us for all sorts of storage services and you will never regret your choice. 

Why Go With Us For Moving Storage Solutions?

Fire And Theft Protection

Our warehouse has been made in such a way that fire can’t do any harm to the items placed in the warehouse. All the storage containers are coated with a layer of fire resistance. Also, security grills and alarms are installed to ensure better safety and security. No burglars and thieves can enter our premises. We ensure the best safety of your household goods. 

24-Hour Surveillance

Our staff is available all the time and monitors all the happenings going on in the storage house. CCTV cameras have been installed to keep an eye on everything. If you choose our company for moving and storage services, you are assured of the best surveillance security for your possessions.

Climate-Stable Storage Conditions

There are various items that need special care from extreme weather conditions. Our storage units are made in such a way that the climate can remain stable in the room no matter what the temperature is on the outside of the warehouse.  Also, some items need a specific temperature for preservation. We offer climate-controlled solutions for your specific storage needs. 

If you go with us for storage services, you can be confident that your goods are in the best hands. We aim to provide the best storage solutions for your needs and ensure a stress-free and positive storage experience. If you need any storage service, contact us for a free quote.